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I became a sprinter after spending the majority of my adult life
as a marathon runner (ran 10 marathons) and as your typical American meat-eater.
I switched to plant-based eating at age 44, and after a brief hiatus from the competitive
running scene, registered for two elite 1-mile races at almost 47 years old.

The last
time I ran under 7 mins (6:38) in a mile was when I was 34 years old.

My favorite power meals are bean/vegan burritos that consist of
rice, garbanzo beans, black beans, green onions, tomatoes, red and green
peppers, hummus spread, wrapped into a green protein wrap. Fast forward from 34
years old to this past August, and after 2.5 years consuming primarily plant-based
foods. The proof that I have become healthier, stronger and have gained a lot
more confidence is reflected by the 6:55 I ran in the second of these mile
races. This was not a PR, but I was finally injury free—a TRUE (LIFE) WIN after
learning how and adapting to strength training and sprinting in just a few
short months. 

I am a Health and Wellness Educator, and I perform cholesterol
and glucose testing and love to educate about our health as it relates to the
blood analyses I conduct as well as our day-to-day nutrition. It is amazing how
our nutrition plays a huge role in how our bodies perform tasks as trivial as
walking up a flight of stairs to intense, hours-long workouts.

I have
been given an amazing lifetime opportunity to work for a very popular health
and fitness center, FitClub as their Health and Wellness Educator. I am so
excited to perform bloodwork on and educate our members about what it all means!
(What other health and fitness center provides this astounding

Truly understand what your blood work results mean. Don’t just
accept when you’re told, “Your numbers came back fine” as if your
life is “fine” because in some cases, it really may not be. Please understand
that I am not going to attempt to persuade anyone to become a vegetarian/vegan.
I truly believe you need to make your own educated nutritional lifestyle
choices. But I will say THIS: don’t knock people who do consume only plant-based
nutritional fare UNTIL: 1) You watch the movie Game Changers, 2)
You have actually tried for a nominal amount of time (3 to 5 days, at least) plant-based
eating, 3) Did before and after blood work.

If you
do this, I promise you: your results WILL be profound. 

Health and Wellness Educator

I have obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Education Degree in Health and Wellness. I am an educator in health and wellness and a functional sports trainer. I have been a group exercise instructor for 20 years at my hometown fitness center and their health and wellness educator as well. In my free time I love to blog about health and wellness, do specialized workouts consisting of weight lifting, cross training and running. I educate how to consume a healthy nutritional fare and play competitive sports such as softball, volleyball, and had run for the Michelob Ultra Running Team, based out of St. Louis, MO for 12 years; Ran 10 marathons, several half marathons and dozens of other road races.

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