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Brigitte Michelle, Medical Qigong & Yoga Therapist

Meet Our Founder

Hi there! Through my own health challenges and my journey back to optimal health and happiness, I became inspired to help others – and you! I underwent a powerful shift in how I viewed health. Not only can we be healthy, but we can THRIVE – naturally. I rigorously trained in and taught Chinese medical qigong, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and lifestyle. I then felt moved to serve others in an even greater capacity by aligning my own efforts with an entire network of wellness specialists. With our combined skillsets, we can offer a diversity of services rather than limiting any client to a single specialist’s efforts. People deserve genuine wellness support and information coming from authentic sources. This creative project is my way of paying the love forward that was so graciously offered to me over the years.

If you’re a wellness professional and your mission aligns with ours: “helping others grow, love and THRIVE,” I warmly invite you to join our team! You can also reach out to info@thesevatree.com.

~Brigitte Michelle

Founder of The Seva Tree