This Qigong Routine Reduces Menstrual Cramps

Many women are challenged with terrible menstrual cramps on a monthly basis and even consider this to be the norm. Unfortunately, the common go-to protocol for this painful time period is to call in sick from work because you have a bad “stomach ache,” then down a few Midol, toss and turn on the couch and wait out the pain until it magically subsides over the course of hours.

Scientifically, we are well aware of the physical cause of menstrual cramps. What many don’t know is the energetic cause for why menstrual cramps occur.

According to medical qigong theory, what most commonly leads to a physical ailment is stagnant energy or “stuck energy” that turns into a blockage. This blockage can be experienced on a mental, emotional and physical level of your being. When energy is blocked, it is not able to flow properly and if it isn’t dealt with, it can turn into disease later down the road. If the energetic flow is returned, the physical body can recover.

Qigong plays an important role in the process of returning the flow of energy. “Qi” means energy and “gong” means movement. Medical qigong or medical energy movement, is all about keeping energy moving, keeping the body healthy and increasing your quality of life.

As for menstrual cramps, the physical pain is caused by energy stagnation which also means the physical makeup of the lady parts are not able to healthily function. Some could say there are scientifically viable reasons for the pain and discomfort and it has nothing to do with unseen energy stagnation. However, women who actively apply medical qigong on themselves do not experience “It’s that time of the month, therefore, it is normal to be in pain.” With time and practice, menstrual cramps become virtually non-existent and a healthy period can occur without all the pain. Yes, it’s true!

Try this short qigong routine to reduce your menstrual cramps. It’s good to start out at least once a day and especially during the days of your period. You can do this any time, mornings or evenings. It’s up to you!

Step 1: Set Your Posture and Relax

Sit in a comfortable posture. Close your eyes and take a special moment to calm your mind and relax your body. Take nice, deep slow breaths. With each breath, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Gently smile and relax the forehead. Now you’re ready for Step 2.

Step 2: Fill Your Uterus with Healing Light

Inhale slowly, imagine abundant white light entering into your uterus. Feel that your uterus is vibrant and filled with this healing light.

Step 3: Expel Energy Toxins

Exhale and visualize energy toxins in the form of black smoke being expelled from your uterus. Each time the black smoke is expelled, see that is is creating more space for the white healing light to enter on the next inhale.

Note: This step can be used to clear specific past un-wanteds related to this area.

Step 4: Expand the Energy Field

Repeat Steps 1-3 as many times as you’d like. Gradually with each breath, the uterus becomes brighter and brighter to the point the light gets so bright, it is overwhelmingly beautiful and permeating your whole body and radiating outwards ten feet all around you. Rest in this peaceful visualization.

Note: This is a good time to let go of all burdens.

Step 5: Rest and Enjoy

When you are ready, imagine the healing light becoming dimmer and becoming a permanent part of you. Rest and enjoy.

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