Infuse Your Meals With Mindful Eating

We want to be seen, heard and valued. Yet, how much of the time do we see, hear, feel and value our meals, food and body?

How many times have you eaten a meal while completely distracted with your mind racing, or flipping through your phone? Isn’t it interesting how we look at some foods with such desire and can’t wait to experience all the flavors? Yet, the moment it reaches our lips we devour it in one bite or take two bites and swallow it with lightning speed. We don’t even savor the flavors, or prolong the experiences we do want. We rush onto tasks that we don’t even enjoy. Why deprive yourself of the gems in life you do enjoy?

What’s the urgency?

Bypassing experiences such as eating can lead people to unhealthy eating patterns, disconnection in all areas, and eventually health issues, too. Infusing mindful practices to your eating helps bring awareness
and consciousness to your present environment, internal and external.

Mindful eating is a powerful tool that entails slowing down, being present and re-connecting. Learn to bring into awareness to all the nuances of your daily experiences with these following tips.


Take long deep breaths. Immediately you will drop into your body, opening and expanding your awareness/sensations/feelings of your experiences. The aromas of your meal will become more enhanced when breathing with full capacity.


Give thanks and appreciation for your meal. Appreciation will open your heart, create peace and enliven your senses. Become conscious of the process of your food before it hit your plate. How was it grown, treated or traded and who prepared it?

Slow down.

Chewing slowly relaxes your body. Fast eating creates stress, putting your body in flight-or-fight mode which shuts down digestion. When your body shifts into relaxation, digestion is at full capacity allowing you to assimilate, digest and absorb nutrients. When your pace is slower, you will pick up more flavors, aromas and become present with thoughts and feelings. You will also feel fuller and more satiated and less likely to binge.


Completely being present allows you to utilize all your senses and witness the here and now. Try to observe without judgement. What thoughts and emotions arise? What fears, joys or patterns come up, what is being shown to you? What colors, aromas and flavors of your meal do you notice more?


Re-connect to your body and how the food makes you feel. What does your body want, what do you crave, desire, what satiates you? Listening to your body is key. Do you feel bloated, energized and fatigued? Check in with yourself. Tap into what your body and soul are really asking of you.

If you don’t get it the first time, the beautiful thing about mindful eating is that you have 3 times a day to practice!

Eating Psychology Coach, Nutritionist, Reiki Master

Lauren began her journey as a health coach due to her own disordered eating behaviors and issues with body image challenges throughout her life. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist/Holistic Health Practitioner. A deeper search for soul led her to become an Eating Psychology Coach and Reiki Master. More then focusing on numbers and fixed portions her teachings and sharings are focused on conscious living, connecting back to your self, intuition and the elements so you can become your own healer. Lauren has the passion to empower women and men to make choices based on health instead of concerns with weight. Learning, expanding, exploring, creating and becoming is on-going. She is continuing with Shamanic studies, Ayurveda and Astrology, and, most of all, creating space for others to be seen, heard and valued.

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