How Women Can Healthily Harness Their Emotions

When feeling intense emotions, it can be taxing on our minds and bodies. As a woman, I know especially how hard this can be. Health problems due to emotional instability is especially an issue for women since women’s energy structure is built in a way that lends towards more powerful emotional responses. When there is a powerful emotional reaction, I like to describe it as a highly disturbing “internal earth quake” of the body, shaking things up uncontrollably and causing damage to both your physical and energetic nervous systems. Over time, this repeated disruption of the system can cause health issues of the body, energy and mind. For yoginis, this negatively impacts her ability to meditate and slows her success with internal alchemy.

When intense emotions do arise, it’s important that a woman harnesses them. When emotions are not harnessed, not only do they cause disharmony but disperse energy away from the body and you can become depleted. Your reserves are then low all the time and it can be difficult to recover. When strong emotions do make an appearance, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation and transform them into something useful and contain the energy so it is not lost. However, I have to say…it’s much easier said than done! But with consistent effort, you can transform your emotions into your very own power source and not be ruled by them.

Here are 3 tried and proven ways I personally harness my emotions and create them into a useful power source. Each are different approaches and you may find one works better for you in certain situations. Use your best judgement. Wink.

1. Adopting Welcoming Presence

As difficult as it might be, when the emotions do arise, welcome them with a gentle smile and open heart. Give yourself permission to feel the way you do. Welcoming the emotion is an important part of avoiding suppression of feelings and not dealing with them. There really is no such thing as the right or wrong reason for feeling what you feel. How you deal with feelings are what makes all the difference for your health and happiness.

Next, with a sincere sense gratitude, welcome the emotion and its associated images and thoughts to appear to you. It’s okay to cry or feel frustration. Just remember that you are the one in control. Don’t let blame and shame keep you from feeling something that is authentic. From here, with kindness and compassion in your heart, give the emotion permission to leave and let go of it….forever.

Establishing a welcoming presence allows emotions to arise and fall freely without creating a disturbance to your mind and/or creating blockages in your body that can lead to dis-ease.

2. Being the Witness

When intense emotions arise such as anger, frustration, excitement, jealousy, grief or depression, take a moment in your mind to reflect on what is happening as though you are watching your feelings from a distant place. As best you can, bring yourself to a calm, peaceful state while witnessing your feelings as though you are looking through a glass.

Emotions have a tendency to cloud your mind and you can temporarily lose your ability to discern. Being the witness helps to loosen the grip emotions can have on the mind and helps to build mental muscles to overcome their destructive qualities. This also allows you to position yourself as having sovereignty over your inner kingdom or queendom.

3. Befriending Emotions: Fear as an example

In a social setting, when you really want to understand someone and where they are coming from, you have to get to know them first, truly listen and hear what they have to say, right? Over time, the person who started out as a stranger or acquaintance to you, can potentially become a friend or even a lover. Regardless of the outcome, the relationship of truly knowing one another and empathizing with one another has to start somewhere even if because of a chance meeting or over a cup of coffee.

In the same way, we can develop a closer relationship with our emotions and really get to know them better on a deeper, more meaningful level. Rather than being strangers, or even enemies, we can befriend our feelings rather than run away or reject them.

Also, understanding our feelings more gets us closer to their hidden power, and the source which the major emotions are fueled by. Yoginis can especially take advantage of this in their female alchemical exercises. In Summary: The key to turning emotions into power is to embrace them as lovers do.

I’d say this approach is the most difficult to do because it seems counter-intuitive to viewing an emotion, such as fear, as something to embrace or consciously make an effort to understand on a deeper level. The instinct might be to mentally avoid or do anything in your power to not face it. However, it is facing and embracing the fear that allows you to experience the power source behind the fear. You see it for what it really is and to even understand it, you are forced to muster up courage to do so.

What does this look like in actual practice?

As fear arises, while holding #1 Adopting Welcoming Presence, allow the fear you feel to naturally take shape into an image or symbol in front of you. Let its qualities, smells, colors and anything else that arises to occur naturally. When you have your completed image, try to see, smell, taste and understand it in as many ways as possible. Ask yourself what is coming up for you in this moment. Then take in the information you receive from this moment. Next, transform the image of fear into what represents to you its opposite, courage. See, smell, hear and feel as much as you can what courage represents to you. Take as much time as you like. Next, draw the meaning and imagery of courage into your whole being as though it is permeating throughout all of your cells. Embrace the courage to the point you are courage itself. Rest here as long as you wish!

This is how you can get to know fear as a friend and potentially useful power source as opposed to a crippling feeling wreaking havoc on the body! It’s really a matter of shifting your perspective of how fear is viewed.

Good luck trying these three methods to healthily harness your emotions!

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