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Mother Nature herself provides an infinite plethora of medicinal herbs and foods for our nourishment and well-being. Deciding which medicinal remedies we want to adopt and which direction to go in can be confusing and a downright daunting task to figure out on our own. Therefore, it is important to have an expert to guide you on herbal and diet protocols that best suit you for greater health results. Herbal Medicine & Diet Planning (HMDP) is expertly catered for you to achieve your health goals – naturally and effectively.


  • Recovery from adrenal burnout and increase in overall energy levels
  • Detoxification & purification of the body without negatively impacting organ health, brain health and nervous system
  • Supports pregnancy preparation, postpartum care, miscarriage and premature termination support, STD’s, painful periods, premenstrual mood swings, etc.
  • Energetic balance of the body, emotions and mind
  • Helps treat insulin resistance for diabetics and pre-diabetics
  • Enhances brain function, memory recall and retention
  • Healthy weight loss with long term results
  • More restful and higher quality sleep
  • Seasonal allergies and food allergies

What To Expect:

  • In the first session, Laura will gather information about you to recommend a nutritive and supportive tea to integrate into your lifestyle.
  • Consultations include and are not limited to: nutritional advice, meal planning, using food as medicine, how to integrate herbal medicine into your current routine, sourcing materials, availability of herbs, recommendations for tinctures, teas, and herbal supplements
  • In follow-up sessions, Laura will research and develop a protocol catered specifically to your constitution and life circumstances. She will answer any questions about herbal medicine, how to implement your protocol and will act as a support advocate for your healthcare and medical provider.

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Meet Laura Clemmons, Clinical Herbalist, Health Coach.

Laura Clemmons is an herbalist, health coach and energy worker who comes from a strong lineage of Italian healers, known as the Strega. Reclaiming that name, Laura offers her health services to honor the women in her family that held the role of herbalist and healer in their communities. She earned a certificate from the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies and has practiced herbalism for 17 years. She studied under Dr. Gu Ding in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shen Nong Center in Philadelphia, PA, the Mayan Traditional Healing Practices and Uterine Care with Ms. Beatrice Waight, Belize, Rosita Arvigo, Belize, and Ann Drucker Boulder, CO. She held apprenticeships with Linda White Dove in herbal medicine, Claudia Rosewolf in traditional North American indigenous healing practices, and Pei Fen Yan in Chinese Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. Laura also studied Shamanic Journeying with Chris Davidson at the Ancientways Shamanic Training in Nederland, CO.

Laura is also a health educator on issues such as infertility, cervical cancer, HPV, STD’s and many other reproductive system imbalances. She is experienced with blood disorders, heart issues, sleeping disorders, pre- and post-partum wellness, holistic nutrition and has had great success to several cancer patients. Laura has lead healing retreats, workshops, and classes for¬†the Red Earth Herbal Gathering and Tara Mandala Retreat Center, especially focusing on women’s health¬†needs.¬†She believes that all medical modalities are life-long learning processes, and that the more education and experience one has increases the strength of one‚Äôs tool box. Laura prefers to grow or wildcraft most of the herbs she uses, as well as make her own tinctures, tea blends, glycerites, oils, and any other concoctions needed.

“I have officially been a clinical herbalist for the past 17 years, but have been studying and practicing herbalism since childhood. This is not only a profession or a career for me, but who and what I am. I have a special interest in women‚Äôs health and children‚Äôs wellness. My heart‚Äôs true path and calling is to be witness to another‚Äôs embodiment healing. My work attends to physical, psychological, and spiritual issues, being that these systems are integrated and inseparable. I am here to assist in your journey to find the medicine within.” – Laura Clemmons

Delve into the ancient self-healing practices of Medical Qigong and Yoga. Learn how to apply natural, holistic and energetic remedies that are designed for your specific health needs. Medical Qigong and Yoga Therapy (MQYT) consists of flowing movements, breath work, self massage, healing sounds, acupoint tapping, hand mudras, meditations and more. These make up an extensive apothecary containing hundreds of diverse energetic therapies that are carefully chosen for your unique needs.


  • Decreases stress, stabilizes mood swings and increases overall joy
  • Helps to manage pain & P.M.S.
  • Improves stamina, enhances male & female fertility, vigor and personal drive
  • Overall balance of one’s bodily, emotional and mental health

What to Expect:

  • Receive a customized self-healing practice regime
  • Learn by demonstration, prescribed self-healing remedies
  • Receive guidance from a yogic perspective on how to deal with the tension of Life through a Welcoming Presence.

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Meet Brigitte Michelle, Medical Qigong & Yoga Instructor

In the last eleven years, Brigitte has studied and practiced Buddhist philosophy, Chinese Taoism, Yogic breathing & meditation, Tibetan Medicine, Sufism, Parapsychology, Medical & Classical Qigong and more. It has been her passion to learn how healing methods from ancient systems can be direct forms of alternative therapies for increased health and happiness. In 2008, Brigitte met in India her first yoga teacher, Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath and trained in Kundalini Kriya Yoga through the Hamsa Yoga Sangh organization. in 2010, Brigitte met and began learning Chinese Taoism from Max Christensen including the art of the KUNLUN¬ģ System. During this time, Brigitte attended courses and learned from psychology professor, Dr. Andrew Nichols in the field of Parapsychology at Santa Fe College. In 2015, Brigitte became a student and certified Assistant Instructor of the Maahaah-Rooh Internal & Energetic Systems consisting of Medical & Classical Qigong, yoga flow and meditations with Dr. Khalid A. Shakoor, D.A.O.M. She also attended workshops and classes by renowned figures such as Lama Tsultrim Allione, Lama Gyurme, Nomkhai Norbu Rinpoche, Tulku Sang- Nyag Rinpoche, Kunjab Kyag, Lama Losang (Dr.David Bole) and Lama Kathy Wesley. Brigitte has achieved well over over 700 hours of teaching certifications, both documented and additional verbalized permissions. She has taught through1-on-1 consultations, classes and retreats at Santa Fe College, Montreat Retreat Center, Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, Hidden Elements, and currently offers her services at The Seva Tree.  In her current practice of Medical Qigong and Yoga Therapy, she draws many self-healing remedies that best support the specific health needs of her clients. 

‚ÄúFor eleven years, medical qigong and yoga have undoubtedly proven to me to be effective, natural self-healing methods for improving one‚Äôs overall health and happiness. I am passionate about sharing this ancient science with my clients so they can receive its wonderful benefits!‚ÄĚ -Brigitte Michelle

Explore your sexuality as the power source of healing energy that supports all areas of your life, your health, spirituality, financial wealth – even your destiny. You will receive loving guidance from an authentic specialist in the unique field of sexual healing and personal empowerment.


  • Supports a natural and healthy activation of a new foundation of consciousness built of spirituality, sexuality and personal wealth.

  • Releases past trauma and abuse stored in the body allowing the body to let go of toxic energy that contributes to dis-ease and unhappiness

  • Offers personalized wellness coaching and support for those dealing with past sexual trauma, abuse, violence, incest, rape

  • Increases personal strength and awareness in dealing with any mental and emotional challenges surrounding the subjects of sexuality

  • Gently supports letting go of any unhealthy identities that are not aligned with your Divine blueprint and in so doing, helps to align you with a deeper level of purpose

  • Holistically empowers you in all relationships with healthier flows of communication and healthy boundaries with family, loved ones, friends, co-workers, business associates and clients

  • Having miracles show up in your life and them be your new way of life and¬† thriving in sexual health

  • Learning to healthily and holistically receive on an even deeper level within your being by activating the Divine DNA within you, and the innate magnetism within

  • Naturally experience deepening levels of pleasure, joy and abundance in every single area of your life and learn to access the Infinite Pleasure, whether partnered or single

  • Gain clarity on how to expand your personal projects or business into both a meaningful spiritual and wealthy empire

What To Expect:

  • An initial 2-hour interview assessing your unique health needs (required) with 1-hour followups.(We recommend the 2-hour consultation for clients dealing with trauma, emotional release and wish for more time beyond the length of an hour)

  • Learn where you’re cutting off receiving vital energy in all areas of your life

  • Create new health goals that support receiving the natural creative power and Life Force meant to sustain optimal health and longevity

  • Gentle guidance in releasing of trauma and abuse, and the subsequent decisions, beliefs and behaviors that are unhealthily shaping your life

  • Receive personal coaching as to how to access the creativity, power, and expression already within you to lead a healthier and happier life

  • Healthily activate natural pleasure, relationship, physical, and business practices that shift the magnetism and experience of your life.

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Meet Sophia Leva Marie, Sacred Sexuality Coach

Sophia is a self-love tour guide and pleasure concierge that specializes in sacred sexuality and divine wealth for coaches, entrepreneurs and individuals who have experienced trauma. Sophia takes her background in logistics management and corporate sales training, marrying it with sexuality and spirituality to challenge everything you think you know about yourself, your reality and your business.

“Having experienced both incest and rape, I know how trauma affects every area of your life. I assist in releasing those identities, judgements and behaviors and creating a new foundation of thriving. Consciousness is based on three pillars: Spirituality, Sexuality and Wealth.” -Sophia Leva-Marie

Enter into a safe and sacred space where you will receive personal guidance and support in order for you to experience life to its fullest, reach liberation and attain freedom and happiness. You will be able to release and discharge your emotions so you can truly thrive. Whether your aim is for self improvement or you wish to tackle your biggest fears, Life Coaching & Counseling offers an abundance of wisdom and techniques aimed at helping you get your through the journey of life with grace and ease.


  • Receive helpful tools to tap into your full potential, clearly define and achieve your goals¬†
  • An increased ability to identify solutions to specific issues and overcoming obstacles
  • Building of self motivation, personal empowerment, confidence, self esteem
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Transform self-defeating behaviors and habits
  • Improved balance of emotions and relief from depression and other mental health conditions
  • Offers counsel and effective solutions for marital issues, divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one, financial strains and dealing with trauma

What To Expect:

Depending on your needs, your consultation may include:

  • Setting crystal clear life goals for a forward direction
  • Discovering fresh solutions and helpful protocols in dealing with current challenges
  • Holistic counseling for trauma, past unwant-ed’s, emotional burdens, work-related issues, marital challenges, divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one…¬†
  • Receiving spiritual guidance and advice

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Meet Dr. Laurie Reisman, L.C.S.W., Life Coach, Reverend

Reverend Laurie Reisman, LCSW graduated from¬†Florida State University¬†in 2005 with a Masters in Social Work. She has extensive experience working with survivors of various types of trauma, addiction and depression. She became ordained as a reverend in 2012 through the¬†Sacred Earth Ministry¬†and completed the¬†Satvatove’s Practices and Principles of Transformative Life Coaching¬†in 2016. As a survivor of trauma herself, Laurie offers techniques that have aided in her own healing.

“I am passionate about facilitating clients to reconnect to their higher self and get in touch with their root pain via assisting them to remove imprints that cause pain and suffering.”- Dr.Laurie Reisman

Experience a technique so simple, yet so potent that it can be life-changing. EFT tapping combines the Meridian system (used in acupuncture) with ways of focusing the mind on emotions, beliefs and somatic sensations. EFT tapping can be used as a self-help modality, but it can also be supported by a practitioner to help achieve faster and deeper results.  This makes it a powerful tool that you can use not only during healing sessions, but additionally for self-care outside of sessions.


  • Research indicates that EFT normalizes brain waves from a stress response (fight or flight) pattern to a calm pattern, and decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol ‚Äď which can allow for both mental and physical healing to occur.
  • EFT is very useful in improving conditions ranging from anxiety, depression, and PTSD to fibromyalgia, weight loss, and physical pain

What To Expect:

  • A intuitively guided EFT practice session that is customized to support your personal health goals
  • A loving, supportive and empowering session that allows you to heal naturally

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Meet Andrea Laltoo, EFT Specialist, Thetahealing¬ģ Certified

Andrea is a certified EFT tapping practitioner and Thetahealer¬ģ who is passionate about providing a supportive, non-judgmental environment in which clients can feel validated in their experience and heal holistically.¬†Through her own healing journey, she has learned of the crucial role of validation and compassion in health and wellness.¬†¬†Andrea combines the structure of EFT tapping with an intuitive approach to sessions that leaves clients feeling supported, empowered, much lighter, and sometimes even amazed as they experience a technique so simple, yet so potent that it can be life-changing.

“I love EFT tapping because it works so well for so many different issues!¬†¬†The most common things I hear from people I work with are ‚ÄúIt feels so good to just¬†say¬†that without being judged,‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúI never thought that memory would¬†truly¬†stop being painful.‚Ä̬†¬†I am passionate about providing others with the opportunity to express themselves authentically and at the same time let go of trauma that can cause illness and distress.”¬†– Andrea Laltoo

Atune yourself into total health and harmony using the holistic healing science of sound and vibration. For thousands of years, ancient medicine traditions such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Arabic Medicine and Tibetan Medicine used sound healing and mantra as additional forms of medicine. They also considered the totality of a person’s health to include the condition of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The application of sound healing methods and mantra are time-proven remedies aimed to balance and increase energy flow for improved health and happiness overall.


  • Harmonization between the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels of your being

  • Increased communication between the intuition of the heart and rationale of the mind resulting in one’s desires being aligned with personal destiny

  • Dissolving of energetic blockages,and past imprints of trauma

  • Atunement of the major chakras and energetic meridians responsible for carrying the flow of energy and maintenance of the life force

  • Decreased stress levels, increased ability to relax and rest in a peaceful state of mind

  • Increased concentration, mental stability and retention of information

  • Increased energetic & mental strength helping to positively transform harmful thought patterns and ward against negative psychic influences

What To Expect:

Every consultation is different. Depending on your personal needs, consultations may include:

  • Prescribed sound intonations for specific ailments

  • Guided organ sound healing for your own self-healing to practice at home

  • Assigned mantras combined with health protocol (such as how many repetitions, adding to food and water, etc.)

  • 1-on-1 sound healing shared by Dr.K.A.Shakoor directly over the video chat

  • Transfer of sound of seven Tibetan bowls for energetic attunements

  • Guided sessions of mantra chanting

  • Guidance on how to use a mala (beaded prayer strand) for mantra and self-healing purposes.

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Meet Dr. K.A. Shakoor, L.Ac., Yoga Instructor, Sound Healing Specialist

Dr. Khalid A. Shakoor, known as Shakoor is an author, lecturer, health educator and healer. In 2013, Shakoor received his masters degree in oriental medicine and acupuncture at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine. In October 2018, he received his doctorate degree through the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. He has a B.A. degree in psychology and philosophy from the University of Michigan Dearborn. He has received additional certifications in substance abuse from Wayne State University. Overall, he has more than 50 years of training and teaching in the fields of energetics and mind-body healing exercises. Beginning at the age of eight, Shakoor has trained in several systems of traditional yoga including Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Kriya through private apprenticeships, numerous lineages and has trained in the Integral Yoga Institute founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda. He also holds a Ijazzah Mudlack Degree (PhD equivalent) from the Tijanniyya in Sufi healing practices. Shakoor has trained under several esteemed masters and practitioners of energetic traditions such as Master George Shu of the White Dragon Association, Roger Wohletz and Sifu Kenneth Parker. Shakoor has successfully taught, lectured and facilitated workshops at educational, healthcare, government and corporate institutions, having toured in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Florida. He is currently a student of mind training under Dr.David Bole (Lama Losang) and teaches various mind-body healing disciplines through Santa Fe College and the Karma Thegsum Choling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center in Gainesville, Florida.

“For 30 years, I have studied both the art and spirituality of music and have also played music. I have also been studying and teaching energetics, including the healing uses of mantras for over 50 years.¬†In this service, as a medical intuitive, I use sound and mantra for healing imbalances and helping a person to thrive.”¬†-Dr. K.A. Shakoor

Integrated Design Healing is a personalized consultation and design process of translating your intentions into glyphs, totems, and illustrations to encapsulate and imprint the essence of those intentions into your body, heart and mind. IDH offers an artistic translation of your desires so that you may place the created image on your phone, your altars, in your meditation space, anywhere in your home or office. Bits of loving light and empowering guidance in the form of unassuming black and white glyphs.


  • Personalized design pieces aim to be reminders of your intentions and goals
  • Integrated Design Healing bring focus and inspiration during times of transition, transmutation, change and growth.

What To Expect:

  • Open dialogue and loving guidance that encourages your own creativity to rise from within.
  • Receive a professionally designed and personalized IDH Glyph to place where your heart desires.
  • IDH offers Sigil Designing – A process in which Krystal will sit with you to discuss any issue(s) currently effecting your life. She will pull certain words which are then broken down in a particular way to encompass the intention you want to see brought into physical form as a glyph/design.¬† This is a totemic design that you can carry with you anywhere, your phone, in your car, or meditation space.

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Meet Krystal Bell, Integrated Design Healing Specialist

Krystal Bell has been helping her guests create personal and one-of a-kind designs by combining her skills in experiences to generate art that not only tells a story, but also creates a platform for growth in mind and body. Just as we seek to be healthy through food, exercise, meditation, etc., we should do the same with the visuals we have around us. Art and visual symbols can have a major effect on the energetic system and human being.

“Having studied some form of mindfulness practice with and without guidance since the age of four, conjoined with having experienced life altering traumas as a child and young adult, the empathy generated also birthed a natural desire to be of service. The intention behind being of service, to support each of us being able to discover and embrace our fullest and healthiest selves through safe and loving means.”¬†-Krystal Bell

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