Gain Body Wisdom, Lose Body Shame

Energy goes where your mind flows. How much attention do you place on weight loss? Your psyche is bombarded with unrealistic and unattainable images of body perfection throughout the day. Social media, commercials, and ads are filled with messages for losing body fat. No wonder you feel the need to match these unrealistic standards.   

Just who is setting the standards for what healthy looks like, anyway? Reality is that skinny is not always healthy, and bigger is not always unhealthy.

The drive for the perfect figure leads you to use weight-loss strategies that, in the end, adversely affect your self-esteem and body.  Approaches consisting of restricted eating, extreme exercise, body shaming for motivation and quick fixes become taxing on the body, mind and heart. Obsession, dissatisfaction, comparison and shame begin to arise when you look outside yourself for what is healthy for us.   

Judgment on your own body is misused energy that creates stress, the opposite of your intentions.  How much energy is expended on thinking about your weight? Where would you put your energy if you did not have concerns with weight?

What if you refocus your attention on health rather than weight loss? What if you question how you can become more vital? Healthier? As opposed to how you can lose weight off your thighs or the bulge around your belly?

Choosing or redirecting your energy to more empowering thoughts will be monumental in achieving your true desires. Evaluate what your real reasons are for wanting to lose weight. Consider what is healthy for you.  Become more conscious of your choices based on how you want to feel instead of how you want to look.  

Give yourself self-compassion for all you have been through and are going through.  Make time for self-love practices. These can be in forms of self-massage, baths, movement through dance and/or breathwork.    

If the focus is within you and the focus is on how you feel, you then retune yourself and re-listen to what your body needs.  The inner world shift will create an outer world shift. Finding more peace and love within yourself allows your body to heal.

Eating Psychology Coach, Nutritionist, Reiki Master

Lauren began her journey as a health coach due to her own disordered eating behaviors and issues with body image challenges throughout her life. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist/Holistic Health Practitioner. A deeper search for soul led her to become an Eating Psychology Coach and Reiki Master. More then focusing on numbers and fixed portions her teachings and sharings are focused on conscious living, connecting back to your self, intuition and the elements so you can become your own healer. Lauren has the passion to empower women and men to make choices based on health instead of concerns with weight. Learning, expanding, exploring, creating and becoming is on-going. She is continuing with Shamanic studies, Ayurveda and Astrology, and, most of all, creating space for others to be seen, heard and valued.

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