Receive a customized and natural herbal remedy according to your health needs.

Get To Know Us.

Meet the Founder, Daniel Murphy who offers his valuable knowledge through Hidden Elements, so that westerners  have access to a form of healing that is usually withheld or lost in translation. He has studied and received training in traditional herbal and healing methods from India, Tibet, and China, with a special focus on advanced processing methods that bring out the true strength of the herbs he works with. This path brought him into contact with the Rasayana, Siddha, and Bhaisajya Kalpana practices of advanced herbalism, methods that generally have not made it to the west yet. In over a decade of actively pursuing this hidden wisdom in different languages and countries, he has also learned different visualization methods, breath exercises, rituals, and specially prepared herbo-mineral health formulas meant to help a person achieve optimal health, as well as to prepare the body for advanced yogic practices. 

Daniel Murphy, Founder

Helping Others Thrive.

Hidden Elements aims to empower individuals to not only achieve their wellness goals with guidance, but to provide more educational opportunities on how to take more personal steps to better health.

Sink Your Roots In.

Daniel offers 1-on-1 health consultations and a series of herbal remedies. He also offers in-depth online courses for learning herbalism and practical steps for living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Ingredients for HE’s herbal formulas are expertly selected, crafted and processed into to their highest potency. Potency grades range from basic to exceptional depending on clients’ health needs.

What People Are Saying...

Herbal elements is a great service Daniel Murphy helped me out with a few simple diet tweaks and a batch of herbal medicine that lead to me losing 30 lbs!

Luke Goodwin
May 31st 2017

Compassionate and knowledgeable, Daniel has helped me learn not only how to reverse my type 2 diabetes but also how to live a healthier lifestyle through the use of herbs and dietary changes. I strongly recommend a consultation to begin to understand how to take the steps for a more well lived life.

Michael J. Lay
June 1, 2019

I highly recommend Hidden Elements/Daniel Murphy. He has a wealth of knowledge and incomparable education, and my husband and I have felt the benefits and improvements from his consultations and herbal supplements for over a year. Well worth the time and investment!

Melinda Phoenix-Heart
May 30th, 2019