4 Health Protocols for Women That Are Easily Missed

When it’s that time of the month for ladies, sure, it can be seen as an inconvenience for day to day activities. From an energetic healing perspective, this is a advantageous time to shift the possibly annoying or painful experience into a healing, transformational one.

Here are five things you can do during your menses that will help make the shifts.

1. Avoid Cold Drinks and Stay Warm

Did you know drinking cold drinks can actually make menstrual cramps worse? When you are drinking cold drinks, this freezes up your energy and it is not able to flow. Especially when bleeding, the energy (and blood) is in need of flowing downwards – to point out the obvious and not-so-obvious. If your energy is not able to flow properly, it will result in stagnation and then physical pain. Instead, skip the ice in your beverage and drink beverages at room temperature or hot. Hotter drinks like green tea are more recommended if you are prone to having menstrual pain. Generally speaking, try your best to keep your body temperature up to normal to support a healthy flow such as keeping your toes covered, avoiding exposure to cold water and staying covered up, especially during the winter months. From a medical qigong standpoint, remedies for aiding a woman during her period are similar remedies for treating a cold.

2. Relax

It’s so important to relax as much as you can. Try your best to make sure you have more relaxation on these days than other days. Even if you have work or errands to do in town, try to complete your tasks in the most relaxed and calm way. This means not getting overworked, avoiding picking up heavy things, playing sports, engaging in rigorous activities like swimming or exercising at the gym. In this modern era, it is generally more difficult to set time aside to spend 3-5 days a month sitting and relaxing at home. When it is realistic for you to make the time, try to pick up that favorite book you’ve been wanting to read, sip on some hot tea and relax in a comfy chair listening to calming music. Not so bad right?

3. Adopt the Welcoming Presence & Let Go

Energetically speaking, your energies and body are working together to release and let go of both physical tissue and energetic sludge. It’s a kind of detox in a way. During this detoxification process, psychic and emotional toxins are released as well. This can be experienced at different degrees for women. Some feel it mildly while others feel they are on a roller coaster ride of emotions and have no control over how they might react.

One of the best things you can do when the intense emotions give rise, simply adopt the “welcoming presence.” The welcoming presence invites whatever is needed to be let go, to appear right there in the front of your mind. This way, it is much clearer what it is needing to be let go. Embrace it almost like you are hugging the emotional experience and then give it permission to leave. Consider telling it “you have my permission to leave now” or “I release you” with love and kindness in your heart.

4. Incorporate Feminine Energy Healing Exercises into Your Day

It’s important to have your bases covered during this time. So far, 1-3 are protocols for helping transform this time on a physical and emotional level. The last piece is the transforming this time on an energetic level. Helping encourage your energies to flow where they need to for healing is integral. The menses is positively detoxing and purifying for a woman while at the same time, it is a potentially draining experience and there is a necessity for restoring the energy lost. Incorporating methods of healing exercises geared towards women’s health are ideal.


  1. Yami July 18, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    Thanks for sharing! Since I made the women wisdom workshop with you I followed all your recomendations! the only thing I can not do on the first days is meditate. I go to the -3 level xd All bad emotions arise and I feel that Iā€™ m the worst human in the World! Anyway I feel the oppositte at my fullmoon šŸ’•

    1. Brigitte Michelle July 23, 2019 at 11:57 am

      I’m happy to share! Oh yes, the first day of the period and even a couple days before it starts can be the toughest! This is a good time to do reflection, transformation of the powerful emotions into something useful, and to release what cannot be transformed or useful to you. The inner full moon (during ovulation) can feel really good while there is so much energetic abundance! With Awakening the Dakini, we aim to have less fluctuation and stability during different phases of the cycle. This way, the yogini can have a firm foundation with not only less disturbance to her meditations but have access to an extra set of tools that positively boost the effects of her health and internal alchemy! šŸ™‚


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