3 Things Couples Can Do To Achieve a “Mindful Conception”

From a mindfulness and meditation perspective, you and your partner can come together in sexual union to achieve what’s called a Mindful Conception.

Although there are infinite things couples can do to create new life together with a more mindful and holistic approach, I will share the 3 important ones that every couple can do without any previous mindfulness or meditation training. Enjoy!

1. Meditate with Your Partner Before & After Sex

Peacefully and lovingly meditate with your partner before and after sex. Make a special point to send to one another loving vibes for a deeper, more fulfilling connection. This helps to support a much more harmonized energy exchange during sexual union and lovingly invites new life on a higher dimension to enter this world.

2. Create An Ideal Environment

When planning ahead for the right time to conceive, it’s also important to pick the right place. It’s important that the environment is not full of distractions and naturally attracts love and harmony into the home. Definitely avoid loud or intense music or any obvious distractions as this will draw your mental and emotional energy from the present moment. As far as music goes, it can be helpful to have on lower volume: spiritual music, prayers, mantras or tunes that are conducive for calming the mind and not overly exciting the emotions. You can also add delightful aromas from scented candles, essential oils or incense. Not only do these add to the aesthetics, but these help open you up to the present moment and open up energetically.

3. Connect with Your Baby Before Conception

Both Mommy and Daddy can already begin to connect with their baby BEFORE conception, even months in advance. Especially right before sexual union, both partners can make a special point to connect to their future child and meditate as a family. To do this, have you and your partner face one another in a sitting or laying down position and visualize between you two a white ball of energy shining like a miniature sun. Within that light, both of you visualize your newborn baby inside this, glowing with happiness and love! Now see the three of you becoming one ball of light and love together! If you have children already, you can bring your current children into the visualization too. You can do this as many times as you wish! It’s really all about your intentions and being open!

With Love,

Brigitte Michelle, Qigong & Yoga Therapist

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